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You are here: Home / , Airtel PUK code for any number

Airtel PUK code for any number


I got many emails saying whats the PUK of Airtel??
This is the only most important code for getting rejected from the airtel service. Many people might have been rejected with this problem and might  have lost their precious numbers.below there is some important info read it
Why i am asked to type PUK code??
You will be asked the PUK code only when u set a PIN code to it , it u forget your pin and have crossed 3 attempts u will be asked to type the PUK code if you dont know your PUK code then your sim will be blocked/rejected.
So i am telling you the PUK code its here:  00000000
in letters: 8 zeros

If you have any other problem regarding you network/operator leave a comment i will help you